회원만 구매가 가능한 상품입니다.


- U.S.A 100% cotton

- A  pants made from REGION’s hand processing technology



 1 of 1 order made

 product day 3~7 day


*This product is redesigned from second-hand. Damages caused during the process are the intention of the design, 

not a defective product. Because the garments show the change of the aged texture, 

some of the fabric may seem weak due to the damages.

*There is an individual difference in the product because it is a remake.

*It may causes color differences for each product due to hand dyeing.


waist 40

front rise 32

thigh 32

leg opening 25

length 107



waist 43

front rise 33

thigh 33

leg opening 26

length 108

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